March 03, 2015|

My blogger essentials

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Today I thought it would be fun to share with you guys a few key items when it comes to my ESSENTIALS as a blogger. It may sound kind of cliché but there are actually quite a few things that I desperately need with me whenever I’m on a blogger mission, be it a shooting, a fashion show or simply an event.

So these are the things that I cannot live without as a blogger:
– My reading/laptop glasses (spending so much time on the computer has its downsides…)
– My iPhone obviously, as well as its little extra battery just in case
– My planner
– A LOT of sunglasses (can never have too many)
– Coffee (another obvious one)
– My Olympus PEN and its lenses, perfect to snap a few pictures on the go
– Hand cream (for my poor hands when we spend too much time shooting in the cold)

The mini bag and the show invites were just added to make the picture look better, obviously I usually need a much bigger bag if I plan on fitting all of this mess in ;)

March 02, 2015|

Meatpacking District

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Guys, I’ve finally found a way to wear this sweater with low waisted pants!! You may remember this Acne Studios sweater from a few articles on here already (here, here or here) – as a matter of fact I’ve been wearing it a LOT since I got it, but I had never found a way to wear it with low waisted pants. Since it is slightly cropped I always felt like it wasn’t flattering on me, and the general silhouette was just weird…

But then I got touched by the light one morning in NYC, and tried wearing it with a shirt underneath (one of my favorite tricks at the moment), which actually works PERFECTLY! A big yay. That’s all I have to say for today ;)

— I’m wearing: 
SWEATER: Acne Studios (budget)
SHIRT: Theory (similar // budget)
PANTS: Gat Rimon (on sale!)
BOOTS: Tory Burch (budget)
BAG: Stella McCartney

March 01, 2015|

2015 so far

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This is what the first two months of this year looked like for me… A lot of fashion and a lot of travel too: we’ve already been to BERLIN for Fashion Week, then VERBIER with Veuve Clicquot, VILLARS for a few relaxing days with our friends, then NEW YORK, for Fashion Week again and then ZERMATT with Swatch.

That’s crazy!! So many little adventures in just two months, and I am SO grateful for all of that. I just wanted to take a few minutes to look back at all these incredible moments and be thankful. All of this happened thanks to you guys, so thank YOU so much for your amazing support.. You really are the best.

And this is only the beginning!! 2015 is definitely looking great. Next stop will be PARIS for Fashion Week in a few days!! Can’t wait to be back on track ♡