October 05, 2015|

Lace for fall

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Today’s post is a little bit of a two-in-one. I thought I would share with you this look that I wore last week as well as share my experience of the hair treatment that I tried on that day :)

I went to a L’Oréal Professional salon here in Switzerland to try their new Pro Fiber treatment, which was designed to get your hair back on their feet after some possible damage (which can go from too many colorations to an unprotected exposition to sun, you know, the famous beach hair.. looks kinda cool but it kills your hair)

So yeah, they did a personalized diagnosis of my hair when I arrived and obviously I got the strongest products, since my hair was pretty damaged (shame on me)

As you can see with the before / after picture the result was awesome. The biggest improvement I saw it when I washed my hair again back home (the idea is to keep using the products and reiterate the treatmentat home) my hair felt all soft and super easy to comb :)

Hope you guys will like this little look and the few images of my experience, I tried my best to share this in the best way possible with you all :) let me know if you have any questions! much love x

shirt // Gat Rimon (similar)
jeans // Topshop
boots // Acne Studios Jensen (budget version)
bag // Sophie Hulme via Young British Designers (budget version)

October 03, 2015|

In between

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This is a look that I wore a few weeks ago. I know. I’m sorry guys for posting it so late!! It has become kind of irrelevant now that it seems so crazy to go outside with bare legs but oh well, I thought I would post it anyway :)

I just LOVE this mustard sweater that I kind of stole from Luca. Kind of. I still allow him to wear it whenever he wants to ;)

Anywayy hope you guys will like this little look! Lots of love and thanks for stopping by today <3 x

sweater // Topman (similar // budget)
shorts // Levis 501 via Zalando (similar)
sneakers // Adidas Stan Smith
bag // Burberry via Monnier Frères (similar styles // budget)
sunglasses // Céline (similar)

September 30, 2015|

Photography: outfit pictures tips & tricks


Hey guys – today I thought I would share a few tips on how to shoot cool outfit pictures. Since a lot of you guys are also blogging and since I did get a lot of requests for a video on blogging (which I think would be really cool, so yes, I’m working on it!), I thought these tips might be helpful for some of you :)

Lenses / camera

We use different types of lenses – you guys can actually discover everything about them in this little article that I wrote a while ago. Basically, we use mostly prime lenses as they create this super cool blurry background and more generally, they make your pictures look more professional. For the Olympus PEN we use both the 45 mm and the 17 mm prime lenses. The 45 mm is perfect to give a sort of street style vibe to your pictures, while the 17 mm create more moody, arty shots. Both of them are great and they allow you to have a lot of freedom and be creative :)


Picking the right location is SO important. You have to find a place that matches the mood of your outfit and the atmosphere you want to convey through your pictures. It can also match your outfit in a funny way – for example you can play with colors or textures. Having a brick wall behind you or a blurry, colorful forest (hello 45 mm) can completely change the way your readers will perceive your outfit! Photography is so fun, the more you experiment with it the better you will get at it.


Editing pictures is a very personal process. You can choose to have them more vibrant, muted, dark or very light – it’s all up to you! The Olympus PEN is great in that aspect as it allows you to choose from filters that are already built in the camera. I don’t personally use them that often (lucky me, my little photographer Luca does all the editing and in my opinion he’s pretty good at it ;)) but I guess that if I were to do this on my own I would probably find these filters very handy!

Hope you guys liked this article! As always, feel free to ask if you have more questions! I’m always happy to help :) Much love x