October 23, 2014|

One last look from Amsterdam + Handbag Catastrophe

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Today I’m back with one very last look from Amsterdam! I CANNOT believe it’s been two weeks already, somehow it feels like we were there yesterday..! I’m telling you guys, time is FLYING these day!

On a more sartorial note:Ā that bag has been giving me such a hard time lately. You’ll never believe what happened: it started loosing its hair!! I find it quite shockingĀ - without any reason there is a huge part thatĀ is now completely ripped off on the back (luckily for me, but still). I tried to get in touch with Saint Laurent to see wether they could do something about it and as it turns out, the only solution for me is to ask for assistance in one of their boutiques, now guess what the fun part is? The closest Saint Laurent boutique is either in Paris, Cannes or Milan…

In a way I thought that this was a good excuse to plan a trip to one of these places soon, but still, I’m not quite sure what to think about all this!

Did anything similar everĀ happen to you guys?

— I’m wearing:
SWEATER: TopshopĀ (similar)
PANTS: One TeaspoonĀ (budget)
SHOES: TopshopĀ (similar)
BAG: Saint Laurent (similar or budget)

October 22, 2014|

These are the days we’ve been waiting for

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The first thing Luca said to me when he saw this outfit was something like, eeeh, yeah why not, but don’t you kind of feel like you’re in your pajama??

Typical boyfriend stuff right? I’ve been showing him images, introducing him to new fashion concepts and avant garde brands like The Row or those super trendy Scandi brands for a few months now, and even though he DID actually open his mind a little, well sometimes it’s still just too much for him. I think that most guys actually have a very clear idea of what looks good on their girlfriends right? It’s usually all about something quite tight and not too special, flattering but not extravagant.

Luca for example is a firm believer in the idea of “either something loose for theĀ top and tight for the bottom part, or opposite, but never both”, which I used to swear by too, I must admit, until a few months back. Enter The Row. Oversized everything, pajama inspired outfits, no more tight pieces… I know IĀ LOVEĀ it, but I guess I can understand it’s not that easy to like for everyoneĀ ;)

So yeah,Ā this is the pajama I wore to the Aesop store opening last week! It felt good to be in Bern, we get to go to Zurich and Geneva quite a lot but Bern not so much, and it felt nice to be in Switzerland’s capital city for a few hours.

— I’m wearing:
COAT: COS (similar)
PANTS: Urban Outfitters (similar)
SWEATER: T by Alexander Wang
BAG: Saint Laurent (similarĀ or budget)
SANDALS: Alexander Wang (budget)

October 21, 2014|

Video blog: my London Fashion Week Diary

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I’m back with a new video blog, yay!!

I got SUCH a positive feedback on my first ever vlog last week (thanks a million by the way, you guys are the BEST!!) – so yeah, it motivated me to record a new one, once again it’s not perfect but I’m working on it ;)

Thanks a lot for your amazing response and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more video updates from me :) I’m gonna try to make this a weekly thing, let’s see if I can do it!