Zara coat / Ganni sweater / Sandro slip ons / Alexander Wang shopper / Zara jeans / Dior earrings / YSL Glossy Stain lipstick This has kind of been my uniform lately – my newest ripped jeans, these awesome leo slip ons and a timeless camel coat for the classy touch. I recently realized how important it was to feel good in your clothes on a daily basis you know. I used to dress up only for the days when I has something cool planned (the everlasting fear of wasting a good outfit on a boring day ;)) but then I realized it was actually SO wrong!!

I personally think (and I’m sure I am not the only one to think so and feel so) that clothes are what make you feel good about yourself and confident. I strongly believe in power dressing, I believe that wearing lipstick and killer heels will make you feel more powerful, and I believe that a beautiful handbag or a nicely cut coat can definitely change the first impression someone will have about you. I know it sounds kind of sad put that way but you know, your appearance and personal style is the part of your personality you show to the world!

So when I realized that a few weeks back, I started wearing my favorite clothes not only on special days but more frequently you see, on normal, casual days where I would just go to class or maybe have a casual walk in my neighborhood, and guess what… It really made a difference. It made me feel better in my everyday life, I felt more happy with myself and confident about the way I looked! Enough with simple, low-key outfits for me, even on lazy days. I chose to wear my favorite pieces everyday and I really encourage you guys to do the same! Be who you are and show it to the world okay? ;) Wishing you all a beautiful Monday guys, let’s kick this week!! ❤

Pictures by Luca Tornese